What A Woman Needs is a creative platform inspiring women to be authentic and compassionate through the beauty of shared stories and live music.

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Our Story

By Monique Thomas, founder of WAWN

W hilst continuing to pursue my music career, in 2011 I left my teaching job to work part time with women in prison, on probation and in local community. Working with young women had been my motivation for becoming a teacher, and although I grew through the experience, it wasn’t for me. I also wanted to develop my music career that had been getting the dregs of what remained after a full day of taming teenagers. With voice busted, I had resorted to using a bell to settle the class down to save my vocal chords! Music had been the centre of my passions for years, but I couldn’t yet see how this was a viable route and lacked confidence in my abilities.

In my new role as a trainer, I was open to new experiences and was aware that the realities of my naivety and prejudices would be exposed. Although certain that I’d had a colourful existence up until this point, at 25, I still had limited life experience. Weekly activity included facilitating group sessions and 1-2-1s with women on relationships, confidence building, self esteem, abuse, sexual health, mental health, employability etc.

Questioning my suitability for the role, while battling a serious case of impostor syndrome, I remember being very nervous on my first prison delivery.  However, rather than being filled with anxiety during the session I was surprisingly at ease:

 I was in a room full of women just like me. Young/old, black/white/Asian, Rich/poor, mothers/daughters/sisters/aunts. All of us made up of strength and struggles, victories and defeats, hopes and broken dreams, courage and fears. It wasn’t for me to have all the answers to the myriad of issues people faced. My job was to create a safe place and environment where we could all be real and begin or continue our journey of healing.



Authenticity is the daily practice of letting go of who we think we should be, in order to be who we really are.

Brene Brown

Our Vision

For Every Woman With A Story

We believe that every woman has a story and that sharing it enables both herself and others to be more confident, self aware and compassionate individuals. We are inspired by the universal language of music and celebrate the contributions of female artists making a meaningful impact in our society.
Our mission is to unite women in spite of culture, race, religion, age or class, through the sharing of real life stories and live music. With the needs of women at heart, we are committed to raising awareness of the challenges women face, empowering women to be authentic and celebrating the contributions women are making worldwide.

Knowing who you are – really knowing – and then simply being that person takes a lot of bravery.

Lauren Ray Singer/songwriter and Previous Girls' Night in Performer


Our signature #GIRLSNIGHTIN event takes place at various times throughout the year. Women gather for an inspiring evening of live music and life stories complete with nibbles, giggles, prizes and great company. Join the mailing list to be the first to hear about new dates for your diary.


She is Loved Tour

WAWN are excited to announce that we are now taking bookings for our 2015 church tour.

In partnership with the charity Compassion, we are back on the road bringing the message of faith and hope to women in churches and communities across the UK, with our signature #GIRLSNIGHTIN event. Through the beauty of shared stories and live music, WAWN presents a unique opportunity to connect with all women in a relevant way. Inspiring them to be authentic in their relationships, compassionate towards others and to lead purposeful lives.

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If you’re passionate about music and/or empowering women to be authentic, this a great time to join our team of volunteers.

Whether your skills are in graphic design, blogging, photography, event planning, web design, marketing, promotions, social media, community engagement, administration, video, production, or art direction, we want to hear from you.

How do I get involved?

We are a highly committed and skilled team, passionate about the WAWN vision and about delivering excellence to the women we serve. We are brave and compassionate individuals who want to create content that will impact the lives of women positively, worldwide.

To join you must:

  • Have at least one year’s experience in your particular field
  • Be super enthused about volunteering your time at WAWN
  • Be able to set aside 4 hours minimum per week to give to WAWN

Still Interested?

Drop us an email at hello@whatawomanneeds.co.uk:8888 stating why you’d like to be involved in WAWN  and what you think you would bring to our team. Please include an example of your work where relevant.

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I believe being able to share your own intimate journey of life can stir the hearts of others. In my experience, It is often through listening to the stories of other women that we ourselves are encouraged and inspired.

Briony Thomas (Previous Girls' Night in Speaker and WAWN Team member)

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